The Digital Forming Platform is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that includes modular options to enable co-creation between the designer and the consumer within your business. With Digital Forming XPC, XPM and XPD options, your products will be bespoke and more desirable, your company will benefit from interactive marketing while we fully handle digital fulfilment and supply chain optimization.


With DIGITALFORMING XPD the consumer can manipulate 3D geometry files in an intuitive and visual way, within boundaries set by a designer. Our top-end rendering services can create your products on-screen with true-life visualizations while maintaining your geometry files in a secure server vault. The platform takes care of all aspects of order placement and fulfilment, including material selection, digital manufacturing through a network of accredited manufacturers, payment, and shipping.


With DIGITALFORMING XPC the consumer can achieve highly specific custom made orders by maintaining a clear dialogue directly between the designer and the consumer. Pictures of your products are used as the base design for the entire interaction. And the platform generates a Bill of Materials that can be integrated within any ERP system.


With DIGITALFORMING XPM we generate a dialogue between the brand and the consumer. Being able to create an array of digital assets including images, videos, marketing campaigns and social media presence allows brands, retailers and agencies to connect with their consumers emotionally before any purchase is made. The platform’s highly intuitive, interactive interface appeals to all demographics, not least millennials.


The co-authoring dialogue begins with DIGITALFORMING STUDIO. Product designers can import and manipulate geometries using sophisticated modifiers that set up the design templates and boundaries. The geometries are each linked to the materials and manufacturers needed to realize them using an integrated digital supply chain management system. Once your template has been created, it can be uploaded into the platform where the co-authoring process continues.