Empowering retail, brands and agencies to harness the power of mass customization.


In a world where brands are fighting for differentiation and customers demand greater choice, it’s time to stand out from the crowd!
Mass customization can help. Whether used purely for marketing, or in the creation of digitally manufactured products, mass customization brings authenticity and high engagement to the user experience.

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DDigital Forming harnesses the power of mass customisation to
empower retailers, brands and agencies. Together we can win new customers and drive repeat sales.


Having a modular design gives Digital Forming the ability to provide retailers, brands and agencies with everything from website integration services to key connections with manufacturers. Our central cloud-based platform is available out-of-the-box in a Software as a Service (SaaS) capacity.

AA vibrant team of customization experts at Digital Forming creates engaging user experiences for business while providing connections to digital supply chains.


Sitting at the nexus of Industry 4.0 trends, in manufacturing and e-commerce, Digital Forming has a unique understanding of the digital changes affecting retail. With mass customisation expertise, we can help your company incorporate co-creation experiences that tap into each consumers’ desire for authentic and personal products.

DDigital Forming is a leader of mass customisation, connecting businesses to engaged consumers through highly intuitive software.


Working with leading retailers, brands and agencies as well as boutique product developers worldwide, Digital Forming works to offer your customers a more personal connection to your brand. Once your users have made their perfect item with our co-design software, they are likely to recommend your brand. You can gain an advantage in a retail world of endless choice.


What we stand for.

Digital Forming believes that digital manufacturing technologies, including 3D printing, can enable a better society:


  • Democratizing manufacturing so smaller, localized centers can take off.
  • Enabling independent designers to realise engaging products for consumers.
  • Providing consumers with bespoke products and even custom made medical prosthetics.

We innovate with leading edge technologies, making these goals a reality.

Digital Forming is actively seeking opportunities to work with non-profits with the same ethical commitments. Digital Forming is a lively and innovate community, a hub of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds working within software, design and business.

Digital Forming is an equal opportunities employer.


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Computational Design and Human Computer interaction are the focus of Riccardo responsabilities in Digital Forming

Riccardo Bovo
Chief Experience Officer
Adrian01 (7)

Over four years at Digital Forming, Rob has been intimately involved in developing all aspects of the company’s technology. A keen innovator, he finds imaginative solutions to challenges at the leading edge of technology.

Rob Smith
Chief Technology Officer


Dr Siavash Mahdavi

Siavash is Chairman and a co-founder of Digital Forming. He studied a B.Sc. in Mechatronics Engineering at King’s College London, and later, an M.Sc. in Intelligent Systems and doctorate Ph.D. in Evolutionary Robotics at University College London.
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Lisa Harouni

Lisa is Executive Director and a co-founder of Digital Forming. She studied a B.Sc. in Economics at University College London before starting her career at the G7 Economics team of Deutsche Bank AG and later heading a successful fashion distribution company for 5 year.
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Assa Ashuach

Assa is a co‑founder and Executive Director of Digital Forming. He studied a B.A. at the Betzalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and completed an M.A. in 2003 at the Royal College of Art within Ron Arad’s Design Products department.
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Nicolas de Cordes

Nicolas is a co‑founder and Executive Director of Digital Forming. He studied an M.Sc. at the Polytechnique in France with a background in engineering. He started his career with Accenture and The Boston Consulting Group.
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Adrian Keppler

Adrian is an executive director of Digital Forming, representing shareholder EOS Electro Optical Systems. He studied Geotechnical Engineering, then Economics and started his professional career at a Swiss company specializing in measurement and monitoring systems.
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